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On the subject of prevent people who do not require such an apartment from abusing the new scheme, it was suggested that a buyer be subjected to a means test, or bringing in a resale levy that was higher.

Professor Sing felt that abusing the scheme would not be an issue if a resale levy was put in place. However, when considering their application, the buyers needs must be prioritized over the amount of times they have purchased an Dundee Road Condo.

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The option for a new flat to come with furnishings for some buyers should also be an option, according to another consultant. Studio flats currently come with furnishings, like built in wardrobes. They also offer features, such as support bars, that are elderly friendly.

Studio flats are not allowed to be sold, unlike 2 room apartments, on the open market. Instead, they are to be returned to the Housing Development Board upon an owner giving them up. It is hoped by many experts that this new scheme will impose the same restrictions on shorter lease apartments for Dundee Road Condo HY Realty.

Mr. Lim of ERA pointed out that, if this is not done it could cause confusion and complication in the resale market. Also, for practical reasons, a market for such short term ease apartments won’t have a market.

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