In the year 2007, this period noted a great increase in sales of residential property which led to the careful watch of DC rates for the non-landed residential. This is because they would have had a great impact on all major transactions for Jurong West Condos.

A different argument indicated that there was very little impact on the change of MCL Jurong DC rates. The impact was more likely noted on the payment of tax from the Lake Grande developers from the addition of 10% floor area in private residential projects which goes to majorly balconies.

MCL Jurong West Street 41 Lake Grande Condo

It has been noted that there was a 2.7 per cent drop on the DC rates for industrial use which is the first drop in a while. However, it has been untouched through the previous three revisions. It was in Sept 2005 that there was a similar cut but at a higher rate of 4.5 per cent.

A market analyst indicates that the fall in the industrial DC rates will have a great impact on about 74 per cent of the 118 geographical sectors. It was in the year 2005 that a similar drop in the DC rate was noted with 97 per cent of the total 118 geographical sectors being affected. This was a total of 115 out of the 118 geographical sectors in Jurong West Street 41.

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On the subject of prevent people who do not require such an apartment from abusing the new scheme, it was suggested that a buyer be subjected to a means test, or bringing in a resale levy that was higher.

Professor Sing felt that abusing the scheme would not be an issue if a resale levy was put in place. However, when considering their application, the buyers needs must be prioritized over the amount of times they have purchased an Dundee Road Condo.

Dundee Road HY Realty Condo

The option for a new flat to come with furnishings for some buyers should also be an option, according to another consultant. Studio flats currently come with furnishings, like built in wardrobes. They also offer features, such as support bars, that are elderly friendly.

Studio flats are not allowed to be sold, unlike 2 room apartments, on the open market. Instead, they are to be returned to the Housing Development Board upon an owner giving them up. It is hoped by many experts that this new scheme will impose the same restrictions on shorter lease apartments for Dundee Road Condo HY Realty.

Mr. Lim of ERA pointed out that, if this is not done it could cause confusion and complication in the resale market. Also, for practical reasons, a market for such short term ease apartments won’t have a market.

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Revised guidelines under the Singapore Advertising Practice Code were revealed Monday 3rd August 2015. These have widened the regulations to cover overseas property, overseas investments and investment seminars.

As from Wednesday 12th August 2015, advertisements must abide by rigorous standards. Warnings, disclosures and qualifications must be used to ensure that members of the Public are properly alerted to potential risks of such undertakings. Those advertising such schemes must not make claims, designed to engender the impression that the investment is safe, carries a low risk, is risk free or that it can make quick, easy high profit with small or no risk for Upper Serangoon Kovan Condo.

Upper Serangoon Kovan Condo

One of the new guidelines states that advertisements for overseas investment property must state plainly and clearly exactly what investors are buying, for example an interest in the land building or a property unit within a building. Advertisements for overseas real estate must not mislead or exaggerate in regards to the property’s actual location, nature, legal title, or the developers’ financial assets. Advertisements for properties in the process of being developed in Kovan Upper Serangoon must state the numbers of the building permit or approval and the name and details of the authority which issued the document.

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It seems that there is a bleak outlook on Sentosa for home sales, even though elsewhere seems to be experiencing a growth in the demand for higher end homes, which includes District 4’s surrounding areas.

According to data provided by SRX Property for Pavilion at Potong Pasir, in the 2nd Quarter Keppel Bay’s Caribbean sold close to 10 units, a figure that was up the 1st Quarters 3 sold.

Going by lodged caveats, the primary market was 8 units being shifted at Keppel Bay’s Corals during the 3 month period to June 30th, a figure that was up from one in the 1st Quarter for Pavilion at Potong Pasir.

Pavilion at Potong Pasir

The Sentosa area really is the only place in Singapore where one can get this quality of assets so close to the sea and the central business district. One real estate salesperson believes that prices have fallen as far as they can go now and are not likely to fall further.

One example could be seen in the two units that were sold at Caribbean for an average figure of $1,456 per square foot last month, a figure that was much lower than the 5 units sold in June 2013 for an average of $1,648 per square foot.

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In recent months, RE/MAX, a real estate franchise firm, has branched out its business operations into Asia with the opening of offices in Japan, Mongolia and China.

The master franchise, RE/MAX China, had earlier sold its first franchise in the region, RE/MAX Beijing, to new owners Andy Gu and his wife Catia Kong. The couple opened up its first Beijing office in 2014 for Principal Garden UOL.

Not too long after this RE/MAX China sold RE/MAX Shenzhen, RE/MAX Shanghai and RE/MAX Guangzhou’s regional rights to Nathan Yang.

Principal Garden Prince Charles

This past February saw the selling of RE/MAX Mongolia’s master franchise to Bujinkham Bold and her husband Batbaatar Narantuya, who are principal directors that both are looking to bring professionalism to a real estate market that is largely unregulated for Prince Charles Crescent Condo.

Master franchise RE/MAX Japan had sold a second regional franchise just last month, RE/MAX Kansai. This was purchased by Kazuya Moto-oka, who is RE/MAX Osaka’s current owner. Moto-oka has said that he will carry on serving both of the regional franchises as owner, with the position of Chief Executive Officer being taken by Machiko Kotani. It is the goal of RE/MAX Kansai to continue supporting women by creating opportunities for them in Japan through the influence of the agent-centric business model of the company.

RE/MAX LLC’s Vice President of Global Operations, Larry Oberly, has stated that their top priority for developing internationally was to continue providing professional real estate services across the borders while revolutionizing each countries real estate industry at Prince Charles Crescent Condo.

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In recent industry data that was published by the media, it appears that, during 2015’s first 3 months, the sluggish property market in Singapore has caused more than 2,000 property agents to leave some of the main real estate agencies.

Of note was April 1sts figures showing 23,947 agents registered, a figure that is down by 8% from the end of 2014’s figure of 26,014 agents. The Ministry of Manpower’s most recent market report has shown that there has been a drop in the amount of individuals employed in the real estate sector that occurred from between January and March in comparison to 2014’s 4th Quarter for Signature at Yishun.

Signature at Yishun

President of IEA (Institute of Estate Agents), Jeff Foo, has said that it is a logical expectation that, when we see a lull period in the market, some people will turn to jobs that generate income temporarily or other alternatives. Due to the poor income, many have chosen to leave the industry altogether for JBE Yishun EC.

Brian Chan, a 31 year old former agent, was amongst those who chose to leave the industry, opting to instead take a break and continue on with his studies. He shared that, up until this lull period, they could quickly close rentals. However, things started to stagnate and this was a process that could continue for months. He further shared that sales were even worse, where it had become extremely competitive due to agents needing to make ends meet and there being an over abundance of agents selling Signature at Yishun in the market.

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“Will the Woodlands Regional Centre be a huge success?

Some weeks ago, developers were extremely interested in a particular prime commercial development site. The highest bid of 634 million Singapore dollars or 907 dollars per square foot PPR camefrom a consortium composed of Sekuski House, the Far East Organization and the Far East Orchard. The site was the first commercial site to be offered for public tender since the regional centre was named as the Northern Gateway for Singapore for Wandervale.

There was strong demand for the site, eight bids,in all,were received, including some from large developers. The top bid for this site was substantially more than that which won the first development site, at the Jurong Regional Centre, in June 2010, designated for mixed commercial/resident/hotel use, on which six developers bid and the top bid was 749 million (650 dollars psf ppr).

Wandervale in Choa Chu Kang

The strong interest in the current site is evidence of confidence in the forthcoming Woodlands Regional Centre, which lies conveniently close to Iskandar, Malaysia’s special economic region. Growth in Iskandar was further enhanced by the announcements made by the Singapore and Malaysian Prime Ministers after their annual conference meetings.

The three possible sites for the planned Singapore KL High Speed Railway station have been announced and the new Woodlands Johor Rahru RTS Rapid Transit System is on schedule for completion before 2018. Does this mean that the transformation of the area will be as successful as those in the Jurong and Tampines regional centres near Choa Chu Kang Wandervale

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Real estate firm, Knight Frank, produced its most recent Prime Global Cities Index report, which has shown Singapore to be the worst performing city with regard to luxury residential prices, out of the 35 global cities that the firm monitors. For 2015’s 1st quarter the city-state saw a drop by 12.6% in the luxury prices sector in comparison to what those figures were at this time last year.

Compared to the previous period of three months, the 1st quarter of 2015 saw a quarter on quarter drop of 3.7% for prime residential prices for Thomson Impressions here.

In March, Knight Frank published its 2015 Wealth Report, which clearly indicate that the high end residential sector of Singapore’s market have been greatly affected by property cooling measures implemented by the government.

Thomson Impressions by Nanashan

At the time of this report, research head for Knight Frank, Alice Tan, had stated that it was probably an ideal time for individuals in the “ultra high” net worth category to look once more at the area’s luxury residential houses. The firm believed that, should the government choose to relax these cooling measures for this particular market segment, a recovery could be obvious.

On the other side of the spectrum, It was San Francisco, California which made the top of the firms list, producing the maximum annual price growth at 14.3%. Bengaluru, India and Miami, Florida closely followed with price growth figures at 13.6% and 12.2% respectively for Thomson Impressions.

Upper Thomson Road Condo

Prime property is considered, by Knight Frank, to be the top 5% in all of the cities that it surveys with respect to the broader market in the residential housing sector Thomson Impressions.

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A variety of research analysts believe the asking prices definitely will improve because marketplace demand among property investors remains robust. It is noted that house purchase prices drop could possibly be the deficiency of market demand . Regardless of sluggish growth within the city state’s home and property market, consultants think that there is still properties in Singapore that is worth taking a look. Below are a few recommendation together with tricks for real estate agents with regards to market home despite the home market conditions.

We should have an article for this particular news reports with respect to High Park Residences rapidly.

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You should consider your choices now, as this opportunity will not last if the current trend in condominium buying frenzy continues. There may be only a few remaining in a few weeks.

To get more information and details on the proposed Vales EC complex layout with all local amenities click here

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Amenities that make the Seng Kang area a small slice of paradise

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