The Twin Vew is a development of 99 years leasehold located on the beautiful West Coast Vale near the Jurong Lake District. The China Construction Development won the bid with a bid of $292 million, and they plan on developing residential buildings. The high number of bidding was due to the location proximity to the Jurong and other parts of Singapore.

Private Residential Enclave Twin Vew Condo

The Twin Vew Condos development is located on the West Coast Vale an area that features many private developments, and it’s becoming one of the most sought after residential enclave in Singapore. The development has a site area of 16,378 sqm and gross floor area of 45,869 sqm and its located a few minutes drives from the famous Jurong Lake District making it a great investment potential for investors who want to buy and rent their properties. The area is around various shopping malls and along the Clement MRT Station and the Clement Bus Interchange like the 321 Clementi and Clementi Mall.

Private Residential Enclave Twin Vew China Construction Development

The newest high-speed railway terminals will be located at the Jurong East just near the Twin Vew, and it’s also near to educational institutions. Since Twin Vew will be near the Central Business District of Singapore with various upcoming infrastructures its will be an ideal investment for rental purposes. And multiple offices are just around the corner, and they include: IMM Exchange, JTC Summit and an upcoming Vision Exchange and The Ng Techs Fong hospital are also around the corner.

Twin Vew West coast Vale Condo

The Twin Vew will have all range of amenities like tennis court, swimming pool, indoor gym, BBQ areas, children playground, and others. It’s a truly luxurious lifestyle waiting for your family. The Twin Vew consists of one, two, three and four bedrooms units with two facing the West Coast Vale or the Ayer Rajah Expressway and the 6th-floor units will have unblocked view.

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